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July 8, 2019

Bitcoin has made its way on the internet and has been thecentre of attention since then. It is actually a peer-to-peer currency system,in the form of coins or tokens, that a person uses for online shopping and for buyinga virtual debit card.

Virtual master card and virtual debit card is a necessity, especially if you are fond of online shopping. The safest and the most quickest way to have one, is to buy a virtual master card with Bitcoin. Here is why it is better to buy a virtual master card with Bitcoin.


Bitcoin is a typical peer-to-peer decentralized system andruns through the block chain technology. It is nearly impossible that the Bitcoinpurchases are revealed. No matter what you buy, you can buy with fullanonymity.

Your name, address, identity and personal information would not be disclosed while buying the virtual master card with Bitcoin. It even erases your transaction and virtual debit card purchase history and does not hold such data.


It is better to buy a virtual master card or a virtual debitcard with Bitcoin for a hassle-free purchase. It is only a 10 minutes processto buy a virtual master card with Bitcoin and you can directly receive it onyour Email in the next 10 minutes.


You will feel a sense of freedom while buying a virtualmaster card with Bitcoin. There is absolutely no involvement of governmentofficials, banks and tech-savvy companies, while using this form ofcrypto-currency.

Government and banks would not be involved as you enjoyshopping. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer technology, that saves the user informationand its purchase and transaction activities from the government. You can buythe virtual master card with Bitcoin and not a single soul will come to know ofit.


You do not have to pay taxes while shopping with Bitcoin orwhile buying a virtual master card with Bitcoin. Since, there are no thirdparties involved, there is no way to track your purchases, shopping andtransactions. Bitcoin gives you the advantages of enjoying a shopping haulwithout paying hefty taxes.


Since Bitcoin does not let government and banks to interferewith your online transactions and online shopping spree, the transaction feecuts to half, by paying through Bitcoin. Bitcoin has a relatively lowtransaction fee as it isn’t exposed to the third parties.

Therefore, it is cost-effective to buy a virtual master cardwith Bitcoin. You have to pay a less transaction fee than usual. Same goes forshopping with Bitcoin.


While buying a virtual master card with Bitcoin, you wouldnot have to rush to the banks to complete the procedure. You can pay throughBitcoin by simply sitting on your couch. Whether you use your mobile phone or acomputer, you won’t ever have to face the bank officials again.

The procedure to buy a virtual master card with Bitcoin is quitesimple. You pay for it, through the tokens and receive your virtual debit cardor a virtual master card through an Email.


Therefore, the safest, quick and the most convenient way tobuy a virtual master card is by Bitcoin. Bitcoin has a decentralized system andno one can hack into your personal virtual debit card and credit card details.It does not hold a record of your previous transactions. You can have all thefreedom you want, for online shopping.

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