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May 7, 2019

Do you feel very secure shopping online? Or do you feel secure divulging your real card when filling a purchase online? How secure do you feel when shopping online?

Most times you answer to.the above questions would largely depend on where you do your shopping. If you patronize big merchants amd website you might have a sense of security but then data breaches also occur, and this is still a threat to your card details.

Whe shopping on smaller websites or merchants, that often time have a cheap or scammy looking website, it is normal to feel skeptical about the safety of your private data.

Below are some of the situations that may warrant you making use of a virtual credit card.

  • Online shopping: when purchasing stuff online, it’s advisable you make use of a virtual credit card just to be safe or simply because of safety.
  • Subscription services: If you only want to pay the monthly subscription for cable t.v or even Netflix for six months you can buy a virtual card that has a six-month validity. After which Netflix or other cable t.vs won’t be able to charge you because the card would have expired by then.
  • Potentially risky websites: It is best to make use of only virtual credit cards on websites that look scary or just opening up so that in case of any eventualities your real account will still be safe.

Getting or creating a  virtual card doesn’t have to be too much of an hassle as you can buy Vcc with bitcoin.

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