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December 3, 2020

Anonymous debit card Gaining popularity very fast for its user-friendly nature and flexibility, the Bitcoin Debit Card is the next big thing in the world of international payment systems. It’s about to become the common medium of payments in several countries within a few years from now onwards.

Incidentally, No ID required is required to avail them and their delivery system also is global adding additional benefits to customers. To benefit you more, there is no monthly service fee attached to them. You can use your Bitcoin-powered debit card in the same way how you use other VISA cards.

You can also get the option of Bitcoin Debit card, Visa Debit Card Reload with Bitcoin. One can reload the Card via Bitcoin Instantly with only 1% as Fee thus making these cards a very popular mode of monetary transaction for a host of services like payment for bills, shopping and online deals. It also protects your confidentiality as all transactions pass through the highly-secured block chain technology.

Features & Benefits of Bitcoin Debit Card

1)You may not have an offshore bank account but through a Bitcoin debit card, you can avail of a lot of services anywhere and anytime. Usually, an Anonymous debit card with IBAN processes such transactions just like any other offshore bank account does.

2) The unique IBAN code facilitates the card holders to make unlimited Cash Withdrawal from ATMs all over the world.

3) You can also reload the Debit card with the required amount of bitcoin through BankWire Transfer. To further simplify the system, Bitcoin Debit Cards also have the unique benefit of Third Party Reload via BankWire Transfer (with only 1% Fee). 

4) Total Transparency: Bitcoin Debit Card regime is open, visible, and totally transparent. There are no hidden fees, charges, levies, or unfair costs over and above what is mentioned in its agreement.

5) These ultra-smart monetary instruments open up all shops of the world to you. You can shop-hop in all nooks and corners of the world while holidaying or on vacation.

6) Bitcoin Debit Card with no verification has, to a great extent, eliminated the risk of carrying cash which is getting riskier day by day. Thus, it has the angle of personal safety also attached to it. 

The Conclusion

Can you resist from not availing a bitcoin card after knowing their intrinsic values and usefulness? Apparently not! Go for it now. Besides being fully secured, for obtaining a Bitcoin Debit Card, no ID required. You can get your own bitcoin debit card now online. It offers a wide array of benefits to the cardholders. So, what are you waiting for? Order a bitcoin-powered debit card now!

Bitcoin Debit card :

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