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virtual visa card
June 26, 2019

By means of safetyand security, virtual debit cards are a very good choice as compared totraditional cards. There is no long waiting time for issuing virtual debitcards, they are issued immediately online through your email.  

Virtual debit cardsare useful all around the world no matter what city you live in. They can beissued in different currencies. They make your transactions easy on the otherhand if using a plastic card, you have to pay a big amount of service fees,activation fees and more. 

Assets and Liabilities

Prepaid virtualcards can help you in managing your business, shopping, and your workefficiently, you can save money while you shop because you cannot spend morethan the pre-loaded money on the card. But in urgent needs, you can order areloadable card which can be used as many times as you want. If not, then youcan order a disposable one, that can be loaded only one time and you can use itunless your limit is over.

With the good newshere comes a bad one. Prepaid Virtual debit cards are useless when you have topay by swiping a card. Moreover, if your card has been deactivated you have toface problems for undelivered or damaged items to be replaced. You have to bemore careful with your phone and your card information so that no one can stealyour card number or other details related to your account.

 Top 5Pre-paid Debit Cards Available

Some of the topavailable online debit cards are:

OKPAY Virtual MasterCard

A fastest andsecure means of transactions all around the world. You can open a virtualMasterCard in just $15 USD. An application form is sent to you in order to getall the required data for online transactions. The organization enables clientsto support virtual cards by means of E-wallet balances. The limit of amounttransfer per day is $3000. 

EntroPay Pre-paid Virtual Visa Card

EntroPay pre-loadedVisa cards enable users a secure payment platform online and expense controleasy while sitting on a couch at home. The best part is you don’t have to payfor opening a website account and issuing a card. You can deposit an amount byyour bank card. For this, you have to pay $4.95 USD. Also, you can have fundsfrom a merchant in less than a minute.

Worldcore Ultimate MasterCard

Worldcore, apayment platform regulated by the Czech National Bank in the Czech Republicoffers a pre-paid virtual debit card in 5 euros only. It works great withonline shopping as well as business transactions with 3 currencies i.e. USD,EUR, and GBR. You can load money from your website balance which is loaded fromyour bank account or through any digital currency.

MoneyPolo Virtual Quick Card

MoneyPolo offers anonline payment card in $15. You can order a card with a reload as many times asyou want or you can discard it by ordering a card which can be used only once.The maximum limit of the load is $6500 but you can triple the amount as theyare giving you the opportunity to open three online cards at the same time.

US Unlocked Virtual Visa Card

US Unlocked Visacards offer to open a virtual pre-loaded visa card in online US-based storesfor the people either from US or have different citizenship. It is a reusablecard with a one-time membership fee $15 and a monthly fee $3.50. For differentmethods of the amount load, the fee structure varies.

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