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Benefits of Using Virtual Credit Card

new future of the economy which will be going to serve businesses

Virtual Visa Card or Virtual credit cards are the new future of the economy which will be going to serve businesses, especially in the online world. E-payments are always easy to do. You use your credit cards/debit cards or visa cards to pay for something you bought online or offline. You don’t need to carry cash and in case you have lost your card due to any reason, you can block it and keep your money safe.

 Virtual cards are one step ahead of conventionalcredit/debit cards. A virtual card is based on a computerized number, usually has16 digits. This number is used to make payments while buying products andservices. What makes virtual credit cards one step ahead of conventional cardpayments are its wide benefits. It has brought so many benefits and some ofthem are written as below:

Secure andExtremely Private Method:

Youdon’t have anything in the hand but just a 16 digit code. Conventional creditcards can fell, can be stolen, or can be lost in any way.  However, when it comes to Virtual cards theycannot be stolen or lost. Secondly, this method is private because while makinga transaction when you type the virtual code in the box. It appears with Asterisksigns. Therefore, even if someone is looking at the screen or has hacked yourcomputer, still, he will not be able to see your credit card number.  Buy Virtual Credit Card with Bitcoin withsecret codes to keep transactions secure.

OnlineTransaction Are Made Quickly:

VirtualCredit Cards take no space and transacted quickly these have just 16 digit codenumbers. When you use conventional credit cards, you have to give so manydetails to the vendor such as card number, expiry date, when it was launched,and a secret four-digit code. These sets of figures take space in memory. Onthe other hand, while using a virtual credit card, you only have to put the 16digits code. Therefore, when making an online transaction with codes, you cando it quickly.

CustomizablePayment Limits:

Thebest thing about virtual credit card number is you can decide its credit limit.It means the credit amount you have set, no one can make a payment greater orsmaller than that. For example, if you are buying a fridge in 5000 dollars, youwill set your credit card limit as 5000. In this case, a transaction equals5000 dollars on that very website will be approved. You can Buy Virtual CreditCard with Bitcoin to use customizable credit limits.

No Tensionfor Card Hacking:

Onevirtual credit card is used only once. As it is a 16 digits code, you can getthis code with a customized credit limit from the respective authorities. Whilemaking a transaction, you will put the number, use it and after that card isexpired. Therefore, if somebody has copied the code, the code has no use forhim. Your virtual credit cards are completely hacking-free.

WidelyRecognized Cards:

Not all banks operate in all countries. Here comes a problem in online transactions. You don’t have a visa card; you cannot make payments to most of the countries such as you cannot use all types of credit cards to pay for Google Adwards. On the other hand, virtual credit cards are widely recognized. You can use Virtual Credit Cards for Google Adwords payments.

So, if you want to get a virtual credit card, you need to have Bitcoin account. You can Buy Virtual Credit Card with Bitcoin.

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