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Virtual Debit card

What is a virtual debit card?

As its name suggests, a virtual debit card serves the same purpose as a regular debit card, meaning that it is linked to your bank account and can be used to perform cashless transactions by debiting your funds in the bank electronically. The major difference between the two, however, is the fact that virtual debit cards exist solely to be used on online platforms through the help of a computer terminal. 

Virtual cards exist only electronically and are linked to your actual debit card and bank account by a service provider that creates and distributes the virtual card to you on request. This is why a virtual debit card is just a string of numbers instead of a physical card like the one in your wallet.

How does it work?

Before you can shop online with a virtual debit card, you need to first set one up with a virtual card provider. This service links up to your existing debit card and bank account and then generates a virtual card number for you to use on online e-commerce platforms like Amazon etc. 

Whenever you want to buy something online, you enter your card information like you would normally and the service sends you a One Time Password (OTP) for verification of the transaction. Once submitted, the transaction is processed further, and your account is only debited once the transaction is completely successful.

What are the benefits of using a virtual debit card?

Security – A virtual card protects your real debit card, and account number from prying eyes since the only thing that is exchanged during transactions is your temporary Virtual card numbers. The virtual cards themselves are pretty secure too, since the OTP is only sent to you to verify any transactions, and the virtual card expires in a short amount of time if not used.

Flexibility – Being a completely online solution, using a virtual debit card provides a great deal of flexibility to the user. These cards can be created for any online bank accounts and there often is no limit to the amount that can be loaded into these cards, and can use any supported currency to charge up your card, with even having the option to buy a virtual debit card with bitcoin if you want. You also have the option to get virtual visa cards and virtual credit cards if you require them.

Ease of use – Both the process of setting up a virtual debit card and using it online for shopping are very easy. Setting up your card only takes about 15 minutes, which involves filling up a form with your transaction details (account information, card number), phone number for OTP verification and a bunch of other things. Once the form is submitted to the surface, you receive a confirmation from your bank verifying the link. Your virtual card is then forwarded to you by the service in the form of a card number, and you can easily use it on any online platform like you would use a normal debit/credit card.

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Buy virtual debit card with bitcoin

Tips to Buy virtual debit card with bitcoin

Although the technology is moving the things to the digitalplatforms but still most of the people want to have a virtual debit card whichcan make it easier for them to load their prepaid cards with the funds fromtheir bitcoin wallet. This has become really simple to buy virtual debit cardwith bitcoin and to pay your payment loads with them with ease. These virtualdebit cards can be used anywhere with ease because these cards are accepted atevery major platform with ease.

Even more, this can be one of the fastest ways to turn your cryptocurrency into cash in the best and most effective way. You can easily load your dollars from any of your compatible bitcoin cash wallet to keep enjoying an amazing experience with the virtual debit card and this is truly going to take no time to facilitate you with the best services. Well, here is one of the most common thing which can click in the mind of everyone that how to buy a virtual debit card with bitcoin. So, there is no need to be worried about this because here is the best way to get done with this in a proper way.

How to buy virtual debit card with bitcoin?

Do you want to know more about how to buy virtual debit cardwith bitcoin? Here is some of the interesting information which is surely goingto be beneficial for you to know in this regard:

•    Find the best service provider

To get easy and speedy transactions it is better to makeproper research to find the best platform to buy virtual visa card withBitcoin. ExpressCards is one of the best places from where you can buy virtualvisa card with Bitcoin. Here you not only have to pay lower card fees but alsoyou will be able to get easy and efficient services. The price charge will below here and it will become truly easier for you to enjoy the best serviceswith ease.

•    Avail efficient services

When it comes to buy virtual visa card with Bitcoin then itis highly important for you to get the services from a service provider whichcan help you to avail your virtual visa card with instant delivery services.Expresscards is offering 10 minutes delivery offer for its users and help themto convert their bitcoin into dollars at the speed of light. It means theservices which you can get from the expresscards is undoubtedly efficient andit has the ability to entertain you with the best and quick services at anytime.

•    Save more while loading charges

When it comes to loading amount from your bitcoin walletthen it is highly important to save your money. To save more find the bestservice provider which is offering lower service cost while loading your debitcard from your bitcoin wallet.

When you have to buy virtual debit card with bitcoin then considering these tips will provide you better benefits with ease.   

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Bitcoin has made its way on the internet and has been thecentre of attention since then. It is actually a peer-to-peer currency system,in the form of coins or tokens, that a person uses for online shopping and for buyinga virtual debit card.

Virtual master card and virtual debit card is a necessity, especially if you are fond of online shopping. The safest and the most quickest way to have one, is to buy a virtual master card with Bitcoin. Here is why it is better to buy a virtual master card with Bitcoin.


Bitcoin is a typical peer-to-peer decentralized system andruns through the block chain technology. It is nearly impossible that the Bitcoinpurchases are revealed. No matter what you buy, you can buy with fullanonymity.

Your name, address, identity and personal information would not be disclosed while buying the virtual master card with Bitcoin. It even erases your transaction and virtual debit card purchase history and does not hold such data.


It is better to buy a virtual master card or a virtual debitcard with Bitcoin for a hassle-free purchase. It is only a 10 minutes processto buy a virtual master card with Bitcoin and you can directly receive it onyour Email in the next 10 minutes.


You will feel a sense of freedom while buying a virtualmaster card with Bitcoin. There is absolutely no involvement of governmentofficials, banks and tech-savvy companies, while using this form ofcrypto-currency.

Government and banks would not be involved as you enjoyshopping. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer technology, that saves the user informationand its purchase and transaction activities from the government. You can buythe virtual master card with Bitcoin and not a single soul will come to know ofit.


You do not have to pay taxes while shopping with Bitcoin orwhile buying a virtual master card with Bitcoin. Since, there are no thirdparties involved, there is no way to track your purchases, shopping andtransactions. Bitcoin gives you the advantages of enjoying a shopping haulwithout paying hefty taxes.


Since Bitcoin does not let government and banks to interferewith your online transactions and online shopping spree, the transaction feecuts to half, by paying through Bitcoin. Bitcoin has a relatively lowtransaction fee as it isn’t exposed to the third parties.

Therefore, it is cost-effective to buy a virtual master cardwith Bitcoin. You have to pay a less transaction fee than usual. Same goes forshopping with Bitcoin.


While buying a virtual master card with Bitcoin, you wouldnot have to rush to the banks to complete the procedure. You can pay throughBitcoin by simply sitting on your couch. Whether you use your mobile phone or acomputer, you won’t ever have to face the bank officials again.

The procedure to buy a virtual master card with Bitcoin is quitesimple. You pay for it, through the tokens and receive your virtual debit cardor a virtual master card through an Email.


Therefore, the safest, quick and the most convenient way tobuy a virtual master card is by Bitcoin. Bitcoin has a decentralized system andno one can hack into your personal virtual debit card and credit card details.It does not hold a record of your previous transactions. You can have all thefreedom you want, for online shopping.

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Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, which uses the blockchaintechnology, for online payments and transactions, by using highest securitypossible. People use the cryptocurrency to buy and pay for services andproducts online. A virtual debit card is one of them. It is beneficial to buy avirtual pre-paid debit card, using bitcoin.


We offer you the best virtual pre-paid debit cards to bebought, using bitcoin, at discounted prices. Our virtual debit cards benefitthe people a lot more than they can imagine. Let us discuss how beneficial ourvirtual debit cards are:


  • Virtual debit cards are thenew future of economy, which will serve thousands of online businesses. Onlinepayments are always easy to carry out. You can use our virtual debit cards tobuy or pay for the products that you buy online. There is no hassle of liquidcash. Our virtual debit cards rely on online transactions. Even if you havelost your virtual debit card, it can get blocked by a single E-mail.


  • Our virtual debits cardcontains a 16-digit code and this code is used entirely, to carry out paymentsand transactions. The virtual debit card that you will buy from us, by usingbitcoin cannot get stolen, unlike the conventional debit cards. The paymentsand transactions through our virtual pre-paid debit card are carried out in anextremely private way. The digit code appears in asterisk signs. Even, ifsomeone has his eyes on the screen or the computer is hacked by any hacker,they can still not steal your 16-digit code. Buying our virtual debit cardswith bitcoin helps to keep the secret code and information secure.


  • By using our virtualpre-paid debit cards, online transactions can be made quickly. You just have toenter the 16-digit code and the transaction is completed. In conventional debitcards, you have so many details to enter before any specific transaction.


  • Our virtual pre-paid debitcards are widely recognized, unlike virtual or conventional visa cards. You canuse your virtual pre-paid debit card to make online payments as our virtualdebit cards are recognized and widely used in many countries.


  • Our virtual pre-paid debitcards allow you to spend the currency that you have previously stored in youraccount.



  • After the purchase of yourvirtual debit card using bitcoin, it is delivered to you in your email account,within a period of 10 minutes, with additional information about our virtualdebit cards.


  • Our virtual debit cards donot display or attach any personal information, which can be tracked by anysystem. It is completely safe to use them for online transactions and payments.


  • Our virtual pre-paid debitcards give exactly the same benefits as the conventional and physical debitcards give. It is virtual, so it cannot get stolen and cannot be lost. We offeryou the virtual debit card, with seamless features at a low price.


  • Our virtual debit cards areincredibly useful, as they can be reloaded using bitcoin and can be directlylinked to your PayPal account.


  • Our virtual pre-paid debitcards help you to secure your currency.


If you are involved in bitcoin mining and want to spend yourbitcoin in an easy and secure way, then it is recommended to purchase ourvirtual debit card right away. We will set you up in extremely low prices andensure security of your currency. We offer the best virtual pre-paid debitcards, for secure online shopping.

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Best Virtual Pre-Paid Debit Card for Secure Online Shopping

Are you concerned about keeping your personal informationsafe when buying online? With the ever-increasing number of fraud and databreaches, it pays to take steps to secure your data when buying online. Avirtual pre-paid debit card is a tool which makes buying online safer byworking like the EMV chip on a modern physical card to decrease the risk ofscam or fraud. There are many types of the virtual pre-paid card out there, butthe best and most reliable one is the Visa virtual pre-paid card.

What is a VisaPrepaid Debit Card?

A Visa virtual prepaid card works like a one-time use typeof your credit or debit card. It can be utilized online to lessen the threat ofcredit card scam as it provides dynamic e-commerce information which changeswith each transaction. If you utilize a regular credit card, the data yousupply during the transaction never modifies and, when stolen, can be utilizedfor fraudulent purchases. Although a hacker gets access to your card number,and other vital details you utilized with a virtual card, it will be a waste oftime as the data cannot be utilized for more than one transaction.

How to Use a Visa Virtual Credit Card

Using a visa virtual card is similar to using a conventionalcredit card, even if there are many additional steps involved. Rather thanentering the physical card info online, you’ll access your card service to makea new account. Some banking organization includes the browser extension to makethe process of checking out more accessible. If the account number is made, youwill utilize the card’s information to complete the checkout.

When You Must Use Virtual Visa Prepaid Card

This card cannot be utilized for in-person payment, and itis not intended to replace the mobile or regular card payment system, rather itis made to provide you extra security when buying online. There are lots ofcases wherein it makes sense to utilize a virtual visa card like you’reconcerned on a data breach, you love buying online, you’re concerned on apotentially risky and unknown website.

What Makes the Visa the Best Virtual Prepaid Debit Card?

Due to the development of technology, it is not easier tobuy stuff online using cryptocurrency. This makes the transaction easier. Now,virtual visa card comes with bitcoin that allows you to get the perks which aplastic card provides. With a virtual visa card with Bitcoin, you’ll see thatthese work like any types of a credit card. You can utilize the amount ofcurrency on this card to use services or to buy products online.

Where Can You Get a Virtual Visa Prepaid Card?

You can get the best virtual visa prepaid card online.Express Cards is the leading provider of virtual visa pre-paid cards. All youhave to do is to visit their website. Virtual visa card indeed keeps you safeand secure from scam and fraud.

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virtual visa card

The best Virtual debit card for online shopping

By means of safetyand security, virtual debit cards are a very good choice as compared totraditional cards. There is no long waiting time for issuing virtual debitcards, they are issued immediately online through your email.  

Virtual debit cardsare useful all around the world no matter what city you live in. They can beissued in different currencies. They make your transactions easy on the otherhand if using a plastic card, you have to pay a big amount of service fees,activation fees and more. 

Assets and Liabilities

Prepaid virtualcards can help you in managing your business, shopping, and your workefficiently, you can save money while you shop because you cannot spend morethan the pre-loaded money on the card. But in urgent needs, you can order areloadable card which can be used as many times as you want. If not, then youcan order a disposable one, that can be loaded only one time and you can use itunless your limit is over.

With the good newshere comes a bad one. Prepaid Virtual debit cards are useless when you have topay by swiping a card. Moreover, if your card has been deactivated you have toface problems for undelivered or damaged items to be replaced. You have to bemore careful with your phone and your card information so that no one can stealyour card number or other details related to your account.

 Top 5Pre-paid Debit Cards Available

Some of the topavailable online debit cards are:

OKPAY Virtual MasterCard

A fastest andsecure means of transactions all around the world. You can open a virtualMasterCard in just $15 USD. An application form is sent to you in order to getall the required data for online transactions. The organization enables clientsto support virtual cards by means of E-wallet balances. The limit of amounttransfer per day is $3000. 

EntroPay Pre-paid Virtual Visa Card

EntroPay pre-loadedVisa cards enable users a secure payment platform online and expense controleasy while sitting on a couch at home. The best part is you don’t have to payfor opening a website account and issuing a card. You can deposit an amount byyour bank card. For this, you have to pay $4.95 USD. Also, you can have fundsfrom a merchant in less than a minute.

Worldcore Ultimate MasterCard

Worldcore, apayment platform regulated by the Czech National Bank in the Czech Republicoffers a pre-paid virtual debit card in 5 euros only. It works great withonline shopping as well as business transactions with 3 currencies i.e. USD,EUR, and GBR. You can load money from your website balance which is loaded fromyour bank account or through any digital currency.

MoneyPolo Virtual Quick Card

MoneyPolo offers anonline payment card in $15. You can order a card with a reload as many times asyou want or you can discard it by ordering a card which can be used only once.The maximum limit of the load is $6500 but you can triple the amount as theyare giving you the opportunity to open three online cards at the same time.

US Unlocked Virtual Visa Card

US Unlocked Visacards offer to open a virtual pre-loaded visa card in online US-based storesfor the people either from US or have different citizenship. It is a reusablecard with a one-time membership fee $15 and a monthly fee $3.50. For differentmethods of the amount load, the fee structure varies.

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What is a Virtual Credit Card?

A virtualcard is an electronic replica of your real credit card. It is designed to beused once then you can dispose of after use. If you detect any fraudulentactivity with your virtual card, all you have to delete this and create anotherone.

There aretwo significant reasons why you need to make use of Virtual credit cards, andthey are Security and convenience. When shopping online instead of giving themerchants your real card details, you only give them the virtual card details.

Peradventure,if any security issue comes up with the website or company you are dealing withyou don’t have to worry about your funds all you need do is delete the virtualcard and create another one. Also, you don’t need to be worried about fraudstersperforming fraudulent transactions on your account as the card number islimited to just 1.y about thieves making all sorts of fraudulent transactions,because they would have that one limited number.

Getting oneof these cards is very easy, there are several vendors online, and you can buyVirtual Visa Card with bitcoin or other fiat currencies.

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Virtual Card Number Pros and Cons

Althoughthere are immense benefits of making use of the Virtual Credit card, that doesnot say there are no downsides to using it as well. These downsides are oftenrare and aren’t very serious.

Take a lookat the advantages and disadvantage of using the VCC and see if it’s worth it ornot.


It providesan extra layer of security

You don’thave to worry about getting a new physical card if this one gets stolen.

It offers aneasy payment method

You caneasily create as many virtual numbers as you want. Check Expresscards.netReview for more information on how to buy virtual cards.

Some of thesevirtual cards have been designed to work digital wallets such as blockchain andPayPal.


You can onlymake use of these cards for online or phone transactions. Virtual cards are notacceptable for physical transactions.

It doesn’tprovide any kind of protection asides from the standard card features.

Should incase you need a refund; it may be quite difficult although VAN service providessays return would work if you follow their term of service. 

Sime Hotelreservations or car rentals often ask to sight your card on arrival, but if youhave paid using a virtual card, then that could turn out to be an issue.

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When to Use Virtual Credit Card Numbers

Do you feelvery secure shopping online? Or do you feel secure divulging your real cardwhen filling a purchase online? How secure do you feel when shopping online?

Most timesyou answer to.the above questions would largely depend on where you do yourshopping. If you patronize big merchants amd website you might have a sense ofsecurity but then data breaches also occur, and this is still a threat to yourcard details.

Whe shoppingon smaller websites or merchants, that often time have a cheap or scammylooking website, it is normal to feel skeptical about the safety of yourprivate data.

Below aresome of the situations that may warrant you making use of a virtual creditcard.

  • Online shopping:when purchasing stuff online, it’s advisable you make use of a virtual creditcard just to be safe or simply because of safety.
  • Subscriptionservices: If you only want to pay the monthly subscription for cable t.v oreven Netflix for six months you can buy a virtual card that has a six-monthvalidity. After which Netflix or other cable t.vs won’t be able to charge youbecause the card would have expired by then.
  • Potentiallyrisky websites: It is best to make use of only virtual credit cards on websitesthat look scary or just opening up so that in case of any eventualities yourreal account will still be safe.

Getting orcreating a  virtual card doesn’t have tobe too much of an hassle as you can buy Vcc with bitcoin.

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All you need to know about a virtual visa debit card

Making use of a virtual visa card is easy, fun and secure. You can even buy a virtual visa card with bitcoin. Can it get comfier? I don’t think so. So this post is a list of all you need to know about using a virtual visa credit card.

  • Your informationis well protected from the prying eyes of fraudsters: if peradventure they canget hold of your virtual credit cards, it doesn’t compromise your real account.
  • Virtual visacredit cards are designed only for online and phone purchases I.e it cannot beused to make physical payments.
  • The virtualcards have entirely different details from your real account; account number,security code and expiry date are all different.
  • The featuresvary: The features on each virtual cards vary from different card issuers. Notwo card issuers have the same features.
  • Some aresingle-use only: some cards have been designed to be a one-off card. Once theyare used once, they automatically get deleted.
  • Maybemerchant-specific: A particular card number may b customized to for a specificmerchant or website.
  • Might havespending limits: You are allowed to set a spending limit on a virtual creditcard, so ad to watch your spending.
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