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Virtual Visa Gift Card in the age of COVID-19

Giving gifts in the age of COVID-19 with distancing has grown more difficult. The postal service is slower and it can be far more difficult to go into a store. Online shopping remains easier but giving gift certificates is challenging because they require going into a physical storefront to gather them. A virtual visa gift card is an easy way that you can send a gift to someone you care about so that they can enjoy online shopping and taking care of the purchases they most need.
Expresscards gives you access to virtual visa cards in an instant. You can send along a code for a virtual visa through email, an e-card or even send it in the mail. To purchase the card from expresscards, you just need to go to the main page, purchase the value that you may want, and then get the access code for the new virtual card.
Sending along with the access code for the virtual visa could give someone you love access to $50, up to $1000 with ease. Instant delivery with cards express is simple as well. You can input an amount using a bitcoin address or work to buy a virtual visa card with Bitcoin. Bitcoin makes the entire process secure and also gives you the option of using favorable market conditions with cryptocoins.

Here are some of the top reasons why a virtual visa gift card can be a great gift:
It is accepted everywhere:
Unlike sending bitcoins or crypto, you can make sure that the visa code you send out can be used anywhere. You will be able to enjoy giving a gift that someone can use for online shopping, at a physical location or in a variety of ways. The virtual visa card works just the same as any other card and you can quickly access the code through your email to send it out.

Fast gift:
Rather than having to go secure a gift card or purchase a gift at the store, you can have a gift that is ready immediately. Once you transfer your bitcoin, you will be able to access the code and then have access to the gift to send to someone or use yourself. You can transfer a small amount of bitcoin and get access to a vanilla visa code for $200, $50 or any cash value. With this type of convenience you can have a gift to give to someone or an easy way to cash out bitcoin in a matter of minutes.
Easy to send:
The code can be sent through email securely and there is no need to worry about sending it off through the mail or wrapping a present. You can send off the visa code with a personal message and help someone feel truly special on their birthday or another special event.

Great for online shopping:
The code is accepted at major retailers like amazon for convenient online shopping during a time of social distancing. You can use it to purchase gifts to ship to friends or to send them the dollar amount.

Getting what they want:
A person can use the visa code to get just what they want. There is no need to worry about getting the perfect gift, someone can simply pick out what they want, order it and then get it delivered directly to their door. You can finally get someone the perfect gift because they can pick it out themselves!
If you are interested in a virtual instant visa card, be sure to check out express cards today!

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