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October 16, 2019

Shopping has become very easy today. You can buy whatever you want by just sitting at home. Internet has given us so many things and one of them is online shopping. Just few years back, we had to shop online using our credit or debit cards but not anymore. A new digital currency called Bitcoin has enabled us to buy anything online without a debit or credit card. You can even shop on Amazon with Bitcoin


                Bitcoin is a crypto currency. Meaning it does not has any physical form but it is the combination of a binary code. Each Bitcoin has a unique binary code. With Bitcoin, you can perform multiple online transactions. You can even buy and sell goods using this currency through online means. In this article we will teach you guys how to shop on Amazon with Bitcoin.


                Amazon is one of the biggest online market today. You can buy almost everything on Amazon. Since the introduction of Bitcoin, online shopping has become quite easier than it was. Now you can do shopping using your Bitcoin. Here we will show you step by step that how you can do it. Hence, follow the steps:


               You cannot directly use Bitcoin on Amazon, you will have to buy a virtual card using your Bitcoin first. A virtual card is just like a physical debit or credit card. The difference is that you can delete or replaced you virtual card anytime you want. It is suggested that by your virtual card from The reason to use virtual card is that it provides safety. You don’t need to give Amazon your bank account’s information when you have a virtual card. Just use some Bitcoins to buy virtual card and do the shopping without any worry.


               Once you have your virtual card, you can start shopping with it. You will be given some card info from which can be used to buy anything on Amazon. When in the Amazon site and adding goods to your virtual cart, go to the payment method when you are done. After you have opened the payment method page, give the information of your virtual express card. There will be some security questions and once everything is finished, you will have to wait till your package has been delivered to your doorstep.


                Till now, Amazon does not allow directly purchase from Bitcoin. But it accepts virtual cards. It is possible that in future, Amazon will somehow allow the direct purchase using Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. But right now you don’t have to worry about anything, because you have virtual card sellers like . Just use one to buy goods on Amazon or from any other online market. We recommend this way of buying online goods because this is a lot safer and it will not harm you financially. Hence, enjoy the shopping.

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