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November 8, 2020

virtual credit card The world dynamic has changed a lot over the past months. The year 2020 brought along a global pandemic and the need to adapt to new conditions; boundaries are being re-evaluated, gatherings limited, working from home being embraced as a new normal and of course… shopping has shifted greatly from the traditional means!

The need for Virtual Visa Card with Bitcoin during the pandemic

Today, cash is becoming more and more irrelevant and traditional cards are more of an inconvenience when you consider safety, sanity, and speed. That’s why the field of virtual visa card instant and the introduction of the virtual credit card in general came to rise nowadays. Keep reading to see three reasons to use a virtual visa card during the covid-19 pandemic.

1. A Safer Shopping Experience 

During the pandemic, we came to learn to live our lives around social distancing, sterilization, and a state of continuous caution for our safety. Most of us had to work from home and get their errands done online… shopping is no different. 

It’s advisable to limit contact as much as possible whenever you have to go shopping or run an errand like paying your bills. With a virtual credit card, you’ll be able to avoid exchanging banknotes, that typically have an alarming number of microorganisms all over them. Just imagine all the hands that touched that dollar bill! 

2. Boost Your Business!

If you happen to manage a group of employees, you know how tough it’s been during the past months. Especially with people working from home and the general uneasiness towards the financial instability that dooms over us. You can load a virtual visa card with Bitcoin and use it for rewards and incentives to keep your employees’ morals well and high. This can be a “single-use” visa card with bitcoin or a regular top-up option.

3. Lend a Helping Hand! 

During these troubled times, it’s important not to let go of our humanity and the random acts of kindness that keeps our hearts warm. When you buy visa gift card with Bitcoin, you’ll be able to send gifts to your family and friends without risking exposing them to the virus. Don’t let the pandemic stop you from showing them that you care and that you’re willing to lend them a hand.

Ditch the banknotes, buy VCC now and make your social distance that much easier!

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