In the upcoming Tachyon Domination, NFT gaming ventures into outer space.

Interview with the CEO of a New Free-to-Play, Earn-Based RPG
Interview with the CEO of a New Free-to-Play, Earn-Based RPG 4

New initiatives are racing to redefine what is possible in the fast growing NFT gaming industry, both within the games themselves and in the larger economic ecology in which these games reside. Tachyon Domination is one recent project that has relocated the arena to outer space and invites users to compete against one another for galactic domination while providing several prospects for financial reward.

Tachyon Domination has approached blockchain gaming in a somewhat unconventional way. The game is free to play and doesn’t demand that users pay for it using NFTs or tokens. The game takes place about 300 years in the future, when researchers have developed a new, extraordinarily potent metal that enables individuals to move at the speed of light.

Players choose their character type and the weapons they will use in this role-playing game before competing for awards that are given out in the game’s native $TADT governance token. We had the opportunity to speak with the CEO of the game, Mustafa Syed, to learn more about what makes Tachyon Domination special and what gamers may expect.

Interview with the CEO of a New Free-to-Play, Earn-Based RPG
Interview with the CEO of a New Free-to-Play, Earn-Based RPG 5

Where did the concept for Tachydon Domination originate?

Our goal is to create a free-to-play, play-to-earn role-playing game with no entrance barriers that will be widely adopted.

In the NFT gaming business, a lot of projects sought immediate financial gain. Without making any misleading claims or hollow promises, all we intended to do was create a game. We wanted this to create a game that people would genuinely enjoy playing and loving.

Which science fiction or fantasy elements are present in the game?

While creating the game, a variety of factors had an impact on us. Some of them are mobile games, whereas others are crypto games. Naturally, you want to learn from the pioneers of crypto gaming when making your own game. Some of our role models were Axie Infinity and Gala game. Their goal was to grant property rights to all internet users, starting with gamers, and to foster societal interaction through play, employment, and the development of enduring relationships.

Why did you choose to make the game free-to-play?

We encourage creativity and the use of one’s imagination while encouraging people to explore the world in their own special ways. Tachyon Domination will always be cost-free to use, letting users earn tradeable currencies with no outlay of money. They will only contribute their time and talent. Our NFTs can be purchased during open sales or on secondary markets by people who want to attend our events and benefit from premium features. NFT holders will receive premium features and advantages. However, players who choose not to buy our NFTs can still access all game features.

What will $TADT governance token owners be able to do? Will there be a DAO in the game?

Owners of $TADT tokens will be able to earn rewards by taking part in governance votes and gaming. It’s also important to note that just by participating in the game, players will be able to earn $TADT. In the game, players score points for finishing various missions and activities, but NFT holders score extra points. Yes, token holders will profit from the project’s future and have the ability to influence it, much like a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Interview with the CEO of a New Free-to-Play, Earn-Based RPG
Interview with the CEO of a New Free-to-Play, Earn-Based RPG 6

What function will NFTs play in the game’s economic ecosystem?

NFTs will play a significant part in the game’s economic ecosystem. The reason for this is that NFTs are distinctive digital assets that can be exchanged, purchased, and sold on the blockchain. They might stand in for things found in games like armor, clothing, or weapons.

NFTs can also be used as rewards for players who complete specific game objectives. As a result, when a player completes a quest, they are rewarded with an NFT token, which they can use to purchase other items within the game or exchange for real money.

What major activities are you planning for the future year?

Over the course of five seasons, we will have several sales and airdrops of NFTs and tokens over the course of the upcoming year. additionally to game updates and new Mech launches.

What, in your opinion, distinguishes Tachyon Domination from other NFT games?

Tachyon Domination is distinctive in a variety of ways.

First off, we have a fantastic group of developers and artists who are collaborating to create a game that is entertaining, thrilling, and interactive. Players should feel as though they are physically present in our world, interacting with their friends and taking in everything it has to offer.

Second, our services are entirely free (F2P). Tachyon Domination is a game you can play for free by logging in and enjoying yourself! And if you want the game to offer you even more? We’ll offer premium features that can be bought with fiat money or NFT tokens. You can still explore our world, gather resources from monsters and other creatures, and level up your character’s skills by completing quests even if you don’t have any money to spend. Everything there is completely free!

Why did you decide that the game would be playable by the time of your first NFT sale?

Numerous projects have promised various gamification features and even actual games over the past few years. Everyone who has even a passing connection to the web3 community is aware that not a single project has fulfilled these commitments, and not a single playable game has been developed. A lot of money was raised for demos that were utterly unimpressive. Deliver first, charge later is our main working ethic, which makes Tachyon completely unique.

Tachyon Domination claims to be a blockchain and P2E game, but does it really provide an engaging gameplay experience?

Although p2e gaming is undoubtedly innovative and our staff is quite aware about blockchain, that does not mean that we only pay attention to that area. Our team is made up of several extremely skilled conventional game designers and developers, and our goal is to deliver the most exciting and lifelike gaming experience we can. Not just in the blockchain/web3 gaming industry, but across the board, we want to be competitive.

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