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Virtual Visa Card
January 21, 2021

With the change of presidential administrations to Joe Biden in 2021, why not make other changes to progress into the future, such as buying a Virtual Visa Card with Bitcoin through Express Cards?

Making payments and sending gifts more convenient, Express Cards supplies users with virtual cards that are used in precisely the same ways that a physical card is used. By purchasing through Express Cards, clients gain all of the benefits of using a physical card—plus additional benefits, as it is faster and more secure to use because online payments are anonymous and secure. Additionally, customers no longer have to wait for a physical card to be mailed, and they are not required to reveal an excessive amount of personal information in order to obtain a card.

Express Cards offers virtual Visa gift cards that are available throughout the globe, and residents of any country now are able to instantly obtain a virtual visa card.

In a world increasingly heading toward an online economy, ExpressCards fills the need for virtual Visa cards using cryptocurrency. Regardless of where customers are living on the planet, Express Cards supplies them with virtual Visa cards by sending them directly to their inbox. 

Express Cards is ideal for customers who are looking for a virtual Visa gift card with low fees, faster transactions and a greater amount of security for transactions. With Express Cards, customers do not have to fear losing money, as they only load the amount needed for every individual transaction. Clients of Express Cards also do not have to stress about misplacing a plastic card and having to freeze their account before any money is taken.

Best of all, Express Cards offers 24/7 support to make online payments more convenient for their clients, and customers will receive virtual cards within minutes of ordering one, while keeping their privacy. Express Cards accepts only Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment. 

The Express Cards virtual Visa gift card can be used for online shopping and paying for services across the globe as well as for verifying a personal PayPal or other online accounts including Skrill, Google AdWords and more.

Customers can make an unlimited number of cash withdrawals, and there is no monthly service fee. Most impressively, the Express Cards virtual Visa card can be used internationally, making it well-suited for traveling, empowering customers to track their payments and prevent theft.

With the uncertain circumstances in the world today, it is more important than ever to have a secure way to pay for products. Buying virtual Visa gift cards with Bitcoin is not only safe, but also contactless, protecting you from germs and exposure to COVID-19.

Make the safer and more progressive choice this year by buying virtual Visa cards with Bitcoin through ExpressCards today.

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