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Buy Virtual Visa Card with Bitcoin

What is a Virtual Visa Card?

A Virtual Visa Card is a Visa card that is rechargeable. This card is not a physical plastic card. They are only meant to use online and so not reside in your wallet.  Virtual cards come bearing the advantage of flexibility. That states that you can use the same card for transaction again and again or create multiple cards. The power of how to use this card lies in your hands and the bank has no control over it. You can buy prepaid Virtual cards via PayPal, your existing debit or credit card, and via Bitcoin. 

Why should you opt to buy Virtual Visa card with bitcoin?

Many companies provide Virtual Visa cards that are one time use or rechargeable which will sustain only for a month’s duration. But these companies put heavy fees on these services. It is okay when you are using a one-time usable card but for recharging the card, again and again, the fees is substantially heavy. 

How to Buy Virtual Visa Card with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency largely used throughout the world and because it is crypto it doesn’t get attacked by strangers.There are companies that let you buy Virtual Visa Cards with Bitcoin. You will have to log in to their site and choose them within $50 to $200 and when you checkout you can pay using bitcoins. When you are done with the payment the Virtual Visa Card will be delivered within a few minutes on your email Id. 

Safer to use: These cards a completely virtual so they do not have any access of bank on them. Besides, if the card is even leaked or hacked by someone there is no way they can access the money in the account.

Quicker: As these cards use Bitcoin in the mode of payment, the transactions are completed easily in the blink of an eye. 

Fewer Fees: As already discussed prices for these cards are way too less than the other companies so you can recharge your virtual card as much as you want. 

Look at the Pros

Payment via Bitcoin is the major benefit of this card and the whole reason why this product has been launched in the first place. Bitcoin being a cryptocurrency faces a lot of fluctuation in the price but there are no losses.

Another advantage is that you can use you Bitcoin Visa Virtual Card to link with PayPal and verify your PayPal account rather than using your bank account. This ensures the safety of your money even if your PayPal account even if it is being hacked.

Everyone can get their virtual Visa Card without the need of holding a bank account. Anonymity comes as a pro when you buy this virtual visa card because the transaction done via bitcoin retain complete anonymity. 

You can say that these cards are completely secure and reliable and you get them instantly without any hassle of getting the documents verified. Not just this, the payment part becomes simple and easy to understand. 

Buy Virtual Visa Card with Bitcoin

Prepaid Virtual Visa Cards are the easiest and safest way to spend your bitcoins in this world of retailers. A bitcoin virtual visa card attached to an individual’s bitcoin balance will allow them to spend Bitcoins as they spend real money at any corner of the world. Buy them because the demand for safety and reliability of online transactions has been increasing day by day. 

Why do you need a Bitcoin Visa Virtual Card?

Several people out there believing in Bitcoin have had so many issues trying to use it. That is because Bitcoin is yet to exist in the world of retailers. Buying these visa virtual cards means that no matter what you want to purchase online, you can now use your unused bitcoins for transactions using your own Bitcoin Visa Virtual Card.


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