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AlphaCard is the Bitcoin debit card

What is an AlphaCard?

AlphaCard is the Bitcoin debit card you’ve been looking for. Used by over 18,000 cardholders around the world in over 150,000 transactions per week, AlphaCard is the go-to Bitcoin debit card with no verification, perfect for the discerning buyer who values convenience as well as the importance of their privacy.

With simple and cheap reloads, you can top your AlphaCard Bitcoin debit card up instantly via BankWire Transfer (with only a 1% fee). Plus, because it’s a Visa card, you can use it wherever and whenever you want: in store, online or from person to person. Truly, there’s never been a better time to get a Bitcoin debit card, and you can have yours in a flash no matter where you are, thanks to AlphaCard’s 3 to 5-day Express delivery.

Why Do I Need an AlphaCard?

Put simply, AlphaCard brings you the best: Bitcoin debit card no verification with guaranteed anonymity and unbelievable convenience—all with no ID required. Of course, there’s more to the story than that.

The AlphaCard is more than a bitcoin debit card; it’s an entire service which comes loaded with features designed to make your life easier and put you at ease. You’ll love the peace of mind that comes from the privacy of a Bitcoin debit card no verification needed. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll grow to depend on the security of being able to access your funds and make purchases anywhere with your top-of-the-line Bitcoin debit card: online, offline; at home, abroad; or anywhere else major debit cards are accepted.

It’s the easiest way to cash out your Bitcoins and transfer them into any currency you need. You can even withdraw them as cash via any ATM. And thanks to the user-friendly online control panel, you can quickly and efficiently track, manage and control your ingoings and outgoings anytime you see fit.

What is an IBAN and Why Do I Need One?

AlphaCard’s anonymous debit card with IBAN is a real game-changer for the Bitcoin debit card industry. Not only does this unique card identifier make instant reloads possible via BankWire Transfer, but it also makes international payments quick and hassle-free. You may have had anonymous debit cards, but once you’ve tasted an anonymous debit card with IBAN, there’s no going back.

There’s no need to fear, though: an IBAN number won’t put your privacy in jeopardy. While an anonymous debit card with IBAN may have its own “identity”, it’s an identity strictly limited to your account; it cannot be traced back to you. Privacy is our number one priority. We wouldn’t sacrifice it for anything.

How Do I Get an AlphaCard?

Getting your hands on an AlphaCard Bitcoin debit card couldn’t be easier. Simply click “Order Card” at the top of this page or click here, choose your delivery method (Express at 3-5 days after dispatch or Economy at 7-10 days after dispatch) and pay via Bitcoin. Before you know it, your Bitcoin debit card will be on your doorstep. All you need to do is reload it (minimum $200) once to activate it!

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The Relevance and Benefits of Using Bitcoin Debit Card

Anonymous debit card Gaining popularity very fast for its user-friendly nature and flexibility, the Bitcoin Debit Card is the next big thing in the world of international payment systems. It’s about to become the common medium of payments in several countries within a few years from now onwards.

Incidentally, No ID required is required to avail them and their delivery system also is global adding additional benefits to customers. To benefit you more, there is no monthly service fee attached to them. You can use your Bitcoin-powered debit card in the same way how you use other VISA cards.

You can also get the option of Bitcoin Debit card, Visa Debit Card Reload with Bitcoin. One can reload the Card via Bitcoin Instantly with only 1% as Fee thus making these cards a very popular mode of monetary transaction for a host of services like payment for bills, shopping and online deals. It also protects your confidentiality as all transactions pass through the highly-secured block chain technology.

Features & Benefits of Bitcoin Debit Card

1)You may not have an offshore bank account but through a Bitcoin debit card, you can avail of a lot of services anywhere and anytime. Usually, an Anonymous debit card with IBAN processes such transactions just like any other offshore bank account does.

2) The unique IBAN code facilitates the card holders to make unlimited Cash Withdrawal from ATMs all over the world.

3) You can also reload the Debit card with the required amount of bitcoin through BankWire Transfer. To further simplify the system, Bitcoin Debit Cards also have the unique benefit of Third Party Reload via BankWire Transfer (with only 1% Fee). 

4) Total Transparency: Bitcoin Debit Card regime is open, visible, and totally transparent. There are no hidden fees, charges, levies, or unfair costs over and above what is mentioned in its agreement.

5) These ultra-smart monetary instruments open up all shops of the world to you. You can shop-hop in all nooks and corners of the world while holidaying or on vacation.

6) Bitcoin Debit Card with no verification has, to a great extent, eliminated the risk of carrying cash which is getting riskier day by day. Thus, it has the angle of personal safety also attached to it. 

The Conclusion

Can you resist from not availing a bitcoin card after knowing their intrinsic values and usefulness? Apparently not! Go for it now. Besides being fully secured, for obtaining a Bitcoin Debit Card, no ID required. You can get your own bitcoin debit card now online. It offers a wide array of benefits to the cardholders. So, what are you waiting for? Order a bitcoin-powered debit card now!

Bitcoin Debit card :

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The Best virtual Visa card to buy with Bitcoin

The Production of Instant Virtual Visa Gift Card and Virtual Visa Card Further Cement the Status of Buy Virtual Visa Card with Bitcoin.

Since the development of the Internet, most of the daily activities are executed over the internet and services are now just a click away. Enhancing the level of convenience, consumers are choosing to make purchases using the Internet and avoiding the trip to the store. A modern consumer is in an advantageous position as he does not need to go out and face the rush or deal with the salesman. Interestingly, a consumer is no longer restricted to products available in one store, one town, or even one country because the Internet transcends the barriers of space and time in the world.

 Buy Virtual Visa Card with Bitcoin brings the extension of all the satisfactions of the internet. Its virtual visa gift card and virtual visa card adds an ever-changing and fresh mix of opportunities to the client’s wish list at amazing prices. The virtual visa card can be used for a range of purposes; online shopping, payment for services across the globe, and for verification of personal PayPal accounts, Google Adwords, MoneyBookers US, and many more.

Virtual Visa Card renders its services globally. Buy Virtual Visa Card with Bitcoin provides the lowest prices on Virtual Visa Cards where converting the Bitcoin into a Virtual Visa Card are the least expensive. The products are anonymous visa cards and no personal information will be attached to the cards making it a safe virtual visa card. The services can be utilized anywhere and anytime on all the websites. Virtual Visa Card goes parallel with the client’s needs to accompany them to be free and at ease when it comes to pay online anonymously. Clients can easily order virtual credit card with Bitcoin and receive Visa VVC details into their emails instantly.

Virtual Visa Gift card multiplies the opportunities of getting more profit from Bitcoin. It allays the fear of the Visa Gift Card being lost so that the customers can enjoy secure shopping. By buying Virtual Visa Gift Card, one can enjoy smooth online shopping without any worry and inconvenience. Virtual Visa Gift Card with Bitcoin can be conveniently achieved through Express Cards which can be confidently and securely used for any e-marketplace and website. The Virtual Visa Card instant delivery and to client’s email consists of 16 digits code and other related information. The Virtual Visa Card not only connects to online accounts like PayPal, Google, and MoneyBookers, etc but also enhances the trust with immediate shopping. Customers enjoy the superior experience of quick delivery and extremely secure transactions.

Virtual visa cards are easily reloadable with bitcoin and they can be easily linked to a PayPal account. Express Cards have set regulations that won’t allow customers to lose any of their currency while providing a safe and easy way to go about your online purchases! Buy Virtual Visa Card with Bitcoin is a one-stop-solution for the transaction of cryptocurrency. Buy Virtual Visa Card offers a range of pros and almost zero cons like getting all the benefits of the plastic card without the fear of being damaged. The card’s production time is the shortest and does not pose the threat of being lost or exposed to vulnerable and unguarded hands.

While it works like any other debit card, its services can be fearlessly and efficiently used for purchasing goods. The multidimensional aspects of the premium Virtual Visa Card let customers get very low fees where they can easily load the currency in the card multiple times. The company provides the fastest transaction within the blink of an eye by claiming the delivery time of ten minutes and sometimes even faster than that.

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Virtual Visa Card With Bitcoin

Why You Should Buy Virtual Visa Card With Bitcoin

Virtual Visa Card With Bitcoin Buying bitcoin should be as easy and seamless as possible and several advancements in the Cryptocurrency industry have been geared towards making that the new reality. Over the years, many solutions have been introduced to ease the process of not just buying bitcoin but also for the general transaction of cryptocurrencies and online shopping. 

Among the many solutions is the option to buy bitcoin with the Virtual Visa Card or gift card. And you can buy virtual visa card with bitcoin or buy a virtual gift card with bitcoin. Here are four solid reasons why you should get a virtual visa card today.

You get instant delivery

Since these cards are virtual, you get them immediately when your order is complete. Unlike physical plastic cards, it doesn’t require any form of shipping. Instead, you get yours instantly delivered to your email address. This saves you huge amounts of time and you can start transacting immediately with your new card, no shipping cost, no delivery hassle, no waiting and no time wasted. Since these cards are delivered to your email, they are very safe and secure and you have no need to worry about theft or misplacement. 

You can use Virtual Visa Card anywhere in the world

Using a Virtual Visa Card to buy bitcoin does not depend on your local since it can be used globally. Your Virtual Visa card will accompany you to anywhere in the world and work seamlessly as you trade bitcoins and shop freely on various websites that accept Cryptocurrencies. These cards are accepted by international e-payment platforms like PayPal, you can use your virtual visa to verify your PayPal or attach a Virtual Credit Card to your accounts and enjoy hassle-free shopping anywhere in the world.

Enjoy low transaction cost

Virtual visa cards and gift cards for bitcoin will give you all the advantages of physical plastic cards but without the drawbacks. First, you get charged relatively low fees for transacting with virtual visa cards than with plastic cards, this alone can save lots of money in the long run. Plus you will never have to worry about losing your card to anyone or the plastic card getting damaged. These cards work like any other debit card but a lot better and more efficient. 

Shop with your identity protected

If you have always wanted to shop online without having to leave your footprints on every website you visit, then this is the ultimate way to ensure your identity is concealed every single time. Virtual visa gift cards provide you with privacy and security and you can transact anywhere and so any form of shopping without revealing your identity. Shop from the comfort of your home or wherever without disclosing your identity, now isn’t this super convenient?

So where can I get A Virtual Visa Card?

If that’s your next question, and it should be, we’ve got you. At Express Cards we offer you the best prices for virtual visa cards and gift cards, and you can easily load currencies into the cards at very low prices and with ease. We also assure you very fast and glitch-free transactions, plus your currency is secure so no worries about theft. You can buy virtual visa card with bitcoin or buy virtual gift card with bitcoin, contact us today for yours.

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Pandemic Must-Haves: Virtual Visa Card with Bitcoin

virtual credit card The world dynamic has changed a lot over the past months. The year 2020 brought along a global pandemic and the need to adapt to new conditions; boundaries are being re-evaluated, gatherings limited, working from home being embraced as a new normal and of course… shopping has shifted greatly from the traditional means!

The need for Virtual Visa Card with Bitcoin during the pandemic

Today, cash is becoming more and more irrelevant and traditional cards are more of an inconvenience when you consider safety, sanity, and speed. That’s why the field of virtual visa card instant and the introduction of the virtual credit card in general came to rise nowadays. Keep reading to see three reasons to use a virtual visa card during the covid-19 pandemic.

1. A Safer Shopping Experience 

During the pandemic, we came to learn to live our lives around social distancing, sterilization, and a state of continuous caution for our safety. Most of us had to work from home and get their errands done online… shopping is no different. 

It’s advisable to limit contact as much as possible whenever you have to go shopping or run an errand like paying your bills. With a virtual credit card, you’ll be able to avoid exchanging banknotes, that typically have an alarming number of microorganisms all over them. Just imagine all the hands that touched that dollar bill! 

2. Boost Your Business!

If you happen to manage a group of employees, you know how tough it’s been during the past months. Especially with people working from home and the general uneasiness towards the financial instability that dooms over us. You can load a virtual visa card with Bitcoin and use it for rewards and incentives to keep your employees’ morals well and high. This can be a “single-use” visa card with bitcoin or a regular top-up option.

3. Lend a Helping Hand! 

During these troubled times, it’s important not to let go of our humanity and the random acts of kindness that keeps our hearts warm. When you buy visa gift card with Bitcoin, you’ll be able to send gifts to your family and friends without risking exposing them to the virus. Don’t let the pandemic stop you from showing them that you care and that you’re willing to lend them a hand.

Ditch the banknotes, buy VCC now and make your social distance that much easier!

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We Are Buying Online Now More Than Ever

Virtual Visa Card With Bitcoin The entire world is being challenged as never before. The COVID-19 pandemic arrived back in March and it doesn’t seem to be leaving us so soon. 

Between contingency and emergency plans, lockdowns, among so many other measures governments had to take during the pandemic to prevent getting more people infected, our habits also changed. 

If there was a huge change the COVID-19 brought was the change in our consumption habits. While online sales have been increasing consistently in the last years, there was a surge since March 2020. And this was all due to the new coronavirus. 

While many people were already used to buying online, people who had never used the Internet to shop started doing so. And now, most of them won’t stop. However, you want to ensure that you are taking all the precautions to prevent theft. So, you need to consider the virtual Visa card with Bitcoin. 

Why Should You Consider The Virtual Visa Card With Bitcoin?

Simply put, this virtual credit card allows you to make all the payments you need online in an anonymous way. But you can also use it for other things such as to verify your PayPal personal account or even other online accounts such as Google Adwords, for example. 

Virtual Visa Card With Bitcoin, Main Benefits

#1: Get It Instantly:

One of the main benefits of this Visa card with Bitcoin is that you will get it by email and you can start using it right away. Ultimately, this Visa card with Bitcoin is used as a debit card.

#2: Versatility:

When you buy Visa gift card with Bitcoin, you can use it in many different ways. Besides making payments in your favorite online stores, you can pay for services as well. In addition, you can use this card to verify personal PayPal accounts. 

Above all, it’s important that you know that you can use it anywhere, no matter where you are located. 

#3: Low Fees:

Unlike other cards, especially credit cards, where you need to pay high fees, this isn’t the case of the virtual Visa card with Bitcoin. Besides, you’ll also be glad to know that you can easily load currency into the card multiple times. 

#4: Safe And Secure:

When you are using a card, no matter if it is a debit or credit card, you want to ensure that it is safe and secure. And this is exactly what happens with the virtual Visa card with Bitcoin. 

The first aspect to keep in mind is that this is a virtual card. This means that no one can steal it and you won’t certainly lose it. 

The second aspect is that the amount you can load into the card is limited. 

Bottom Line

If you are currently shopping online and you intend to do so, then you want to ensure that you get your virtual Visa card with Bitcoin. As soon as you apply, you should get it in your mail in just 10 minutes. 

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Virtual Visa Gift card

Virtual Visa Gift card

It is an eGift card, through which you can give a gift to any friend or relative, and can be used everywhere in the United States. The Virtual Visa Gift card is like regular gift cards; these cards can be used for online shopping from stores, restaurants, and other shopping places.

Virtual Visa Gift Cards are used in two ways; one is a partial payment; in this method, the cardholder pays a half amount for a product to the online store. The other way is to ship to a store, wherein in this method, the cardholder uses the card online and collects a product from a nearby place/store, where he wants.

Virtual Visa Card Instant

Most credit card issuers offer the facility to get a Virtual Credit card instantly. A Virtual Credit Card has a unique number, security code, and expiration date. The security code on Virtual Credit Card is used for online buying of products from the stores. The cardholder can create a card instantly through the card issuer’s online app. Credit Card issuers who issue instant virtual credit cards permit you to create one card for each transaction you do. In this way, the cardholder safely makes transactions.

Buy a Visa Gift card with Bitcoin.

Bitcoins are a currency that can be sent online from one person to another. Bitcoin is used as a dollar for transactions like a payment method. By using Bitcoin, you can buy a Visa gift card, and you can use this visa gift card for product items’ purchases.

If you have Bitcoin and want to make transactions, you must have a Bitcoin credit or debit card. Through this card, you can easily make transactions with Bitcoin. To buy a Visa gift card with Bitcoin, you can use different cryptocurrencies, like ), Tron (TRX), Litecoin (LTC),  Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin cash (BCH), etc.

Buy a Visa card with Bitcoin.

With Bitcoin currency, you can buy a Visa Card; like other currencies, Bitcoin is also used to sell and purchase different things, and even credit cards like visa cards. If you want to pay the bill of your Visa Card with Bitcoin, you have to change the Bitcoin currency to US Dollars and transfer the amount to your account. Several banks and Visa card issuers have banned Bitcoin purchases, so the purchases with Bitcoin currency are limited.

Buy Virtual Credit Card

A Virtual Credit Card is a set of numbers that represents your bank accounts. The process of getting a VCC is different; the process depends on the issuer. 

Credit card issuers give you VCC options, so you can easily add a Virtual Credit Card to your bank account. If your bank in which your account exists doesn’t issue a virtual credit card for you, some other issuers can give a VCC regarding your bank account.

You can download a Virtual Card Issuer’s app, so you can easily access the card and can make online purchases from any online shopping stores. Some issuers have VCC separate from your bank account, and some issuers give you access to your VCC through your banking app.

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virtual visa gift card

ExpressCards delivers Virtual Visa Gift Cards in less than 10 minutes

Express Cards makes it easy and fast to buy virtual visa gift card online in a new age of Bitcoin. Express Cards is a simple way to send and purchase money for people safely and delivered through email with a safe and secure checkout. With Express Cards, you can buy virtual credit cards or virtual gift cards. The company boasts a quick delivery time in 10 minutes or less straight to your email. 

Customers who buy virtual credit cards and virtual gift cards with Bitcoin, can shop securely online almost anywhere in the world. Customers never have to worry about having the right payment as Express Cards accepts bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

Cryptocurrency has become a safe option for customers on the internet to purchase anything online internationally. With Express Cards, customers get all the benefits of a plastic Visa card, but online. Express Cards offer virtual gift cards instantly to its customers with the ease of cryptocurrency. Most companies are just now accepting cryptocurrency and bitcoin as a valid form of payment. Express Cards has already been a trusted service offering these benefits and services to its customers. 

Express Cards also makes it safe for you by limiting the amount of money that you can put on your card in quantities of up to $1000. This way, the amount that you invest in the cards is safe and secure, and all of the currency you’ve invested can’t be stolen if a customer’s card gets exposed for some reason. As virtual banking and cryptocurrency become more popular, having a secure customer option has become a priority for most and Express Cards offers that safety in cryptocurrency for its customers. 

These virtual gift cards will outlast their customers and never expire, making them an excellent option to invest their cryptocurrency in long-term use online and internationally. Cryptocurrency also helps you avoid any annoying bank fees associated with monetary transactions. Express Cards makes it simple with just a small fee added on to the gift cards’ price already factored into the purchase price of the gift cards. This virtual gift card is instantly available to any customer and can be used to purchase goods and services through online providers. 

Most online service providers are now accepting cryptocurrency and online gift cards. The Express Cards Virtual Gift Card is exactly like a standard Visa Credit Card and provides all the same amenities without the hassle. All the information is stored online and kept safe and securely for its customers. It doesn’t require any personal information from its users as well, adding another level of security to purchasing the Virtual Visa Gift Card with Bitcoin. It can also be used to secure payments online for Paypal or other services.  

Express Cards are a safe and secure option for any customers online looking for a safe way to use their cryptocurrency and bitcoin online. The platform provides a supported opportunity for its customers to purchase any online Visa Virtual Gift Card or iTunes Card with 24/7 customer service. 

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virtual visa gift card

Are Virtual Visa Gift Card a Need of Time?

Don’t you think that the e-commerce world is getting more advanced and innovative? The presence of Virtual Visa Gift Card proves the idea altogether. The world has progressed so much that Virtual Visa Card Technology is not a fascinating term anymore. It is a required tool to optimize transactions for any online marketplace.

Take Bitcoin, for instance; it is a type of cryptocurrency that has replaced money in many individuals’ lives and is still spreading worldwide. It has changed the idea of savings and security in this dimension.

Virtual Visa Card Instant delivery system

For keeping money safe these days, there is no more need for plastic cards when you have your virtual visa card instant with you. These virtual visa cards are a 16 digit code. This code is designed differently for every customer, and the service provider shares it securely through email. Every code is randomly designed to avoid data breaches and scams. Through this number, one can conveniently conduct online transactions and is also applicable for shopping. The only condition for its use is that the concerned area must accept Visa cards.

Buy Visa Gift Card with Bitcoin and enjoy the best services.

Holding onto cash or worrying about identity theft because of plastic cards are long gone problems. Enjoy privacy and safety while going ahead for your online purchases. You need to visit a reliable website and order the card to enjoy the benefits. To Buy Visa card with Bitcoin, there are few things you need to understand. The process to Buy Virtual Credit Card is less time consuming but ensure that you provide the right information to the website selling them.

It is also providing you with safe means of transactions and payments. You don’t have to burden yourself at all. It is safe from all kinds of data breaching. It has made buying or purchasing more straightforward than ever before. Moreover, you can Buy VCC to feel at ease about any fear related to cyber scams or theft. The procedure for buying it is not complicated, there is a simple form to order the product immediately.

Adapting to the new era

Now that the present world is moving ahead, then why not you? Have you acquired your Virtual visa card yet? If not, then reach a trusted seller to Buy VCC right away. This card is providing a smart solution to every problem in terms of online shopping. All old traditional marketplaces are now adapting the novelty to retain customers. This advancement of technology is so fascinating that it is making and continue to do so by harmonizing people to adopt the Virtual era.

If you are still confused about the point of changing your means of keeping money, then read and collect more information about the virtual visa cards. To catch up with the world, you need to welcome and adapt to new variations likewise. Believe it or not, the Virtual Visa Gift Card is the only solution to your financial saving problems.  

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Buy VCC,Virtual visa card instant

5 Incredible Benefits of Virtual Visa Gift Cards

How is a 16 figure number for this digitally generated Virtual Visa Gift Card beneficial for anyone? Virtual Visa cards have tons of advantages over traditional plastic cards. The innovation is a perfect way to make your life more convenient and ensure safe transactions. Visa is an American financial company helping thousands of people around the globe. Therefore, before you begin, try to understand all the aspects related to a virtual visa card.

The information and card number is generated randomly whenever a person clicks to Buy Visa Credit Card with Bitcoins. This card number is then sent through e-mail, SMS, or on your social media accounts, whichever is preferred, either Facebook, Instagram, or others. A VCC is useful for any online marketplace where a Visa card works. Some daunting advantages of this card are discussed below in detail.

Virtual Visa Card Instant

It does not take more than a few minutes after purchasing Virtual cards, and you can use the details for shopping. A person who is willing to Buy Visa Credit Card with Bitcoin is usually not expecting quick delivery of the 16-digit number.

Buy Visa Card with Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, is gaining the attention of people who love to shop online or want secure transactions. These virtual card shave brought a convenient revolution in the e-commerce domain. You can use it anywhere. The most significant advantage of Buying a Visa Gift Card with Bitcoin and buy VCC is that it keeps your identity hidden except for your name. It is a convenient and reliable source of saving you money and making transactions.


Time is of the essence when it comes to business transactions and daily shopping errands. Everyone wants to save precious minutes in a day and avoid any online scams leading to theft in plastic cards. Let’s visualize the process here; when you purchase a thing from someone, you have to fumble for the cash. Grab the required amount, collect the change, keep the money securely, and then move forward to the next destination, even tiring to imagine. Why not buy a VCC and enjoy the smooth online shopping process?

Money Free traveling

We all know that it’s hard to keep money or plastic cards safe, and you can get rid of this constant worry through reliable solutions like virtual Visa card . Also, the virtual cards can be accessible from everywhere, and there isn’t any chance for you to face the problem in case of missing your wallet at home.

Worldwide Accessibility

One can use this product anywhere in the world as they offer privacy and ease even better than plastic money.

As mentioned earlier, the practicality of having a Virtual Visa Gift Card is quite evident with all these points. So why are you waiting? To apply and get your card in no time and have the world accessible at your fingertips.

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