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February 8, 2021

Buy Visa gift card with Bitcoin Are you frequently shopping online and don’t wish to disclose your identity in online transactions anymore? 

In fact, with so many online phishers out there, it’s quite a challenge to give trust and provide your credit card information online.

If you wish to fearlessly continue shopping online, then you might as well get interested to buy a Visa gift card with Bitcoin. 

A virtual Visa gift card is a perfect way to not share your identity while shopping online. And since you’ll only have a certain amount of money available on your virtual visa card, your hard-earned money is safe on your regular debit/credit card as well.

Just keep on reading to discover how to buy a virtual Visa card for your next online purchase.

Why Should I Buy a Visa Card with Bitcoin?

When you buy a Visa card with Bitcoin, you’re not enclosing your identity or your sensitive financial information neither to us or any online platform you shop with. This ensures the security of both your identity and your funds.

Your virtual Visa gift card comes with a 16-digit code and other relevant information. So you can use it just like you’d use any other debit or credit cards. 

How to Buy a Virtual Visa Card with Bitcoin?

Express Cards offer a great opportunity to buy Visa gift cards with Bitcoin quickly and conveniently. What’s more, the transaction only takes a few seconds, meaning you’ll receive the details of your virtual visa gift card via email immediately.

Let’s go through the purchase process step-by-step:

  1. First, visit the Express Cards website and select the amount you’d like to load your Visa card with. We offer virtual Visa cards from $50 to $1,000 so you can easily find the card you need.
  2. Once you select the amount of cash you want to have on your virtual Visa card, simply follow the quick checkout procedure. At this step, you’ll be required to make a transaction with your Bitcoin balance. 
  3. Finally, you’ll get the card details into your Email instantly after you finish the checkout process.

What are the Express Cards Fees?

Express Cards doesn’t charge any additional or hidden fees. However, we incorporate all our fees into your initial order. 

So for example, loading your virtual Visa card with $50 would cost you an additional $5 (you’ll be transacting $55 in total). And for a $1,000 virtual gift card, you’d be paying just a $20 fee.

You’d probably agree, that this fee is fairly low compared to the security it provides you with.

Happy shopping!

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