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September 4, 2019

Virtual debit cards offer you a lot of benefits that plastic debit cards provide. However, virtual debit cards also come without the disadvantages of physical cards like loss or damage of cards and the waiting time for the production. These virtual master cards work similar to any other debit cards, the amount of money present in the card can be used at stores to purchase goods and services.
How to use the card?
These virtual master cards are issued by VISA, therefore, they are accepted around the world at online stores and shops. There is no difference between the details of a virtual card or ordinary plastic card upon checkout at the shops.
The Virtual master with Bitcoin by nature cannot be used to withdraw any money from the ATM. As no physical card is produced, you cannot make a transaction at a shop that accepts debit cards to receive cash in return. The card providers develop apps for mobile devices for the cards to be used on-the-go from any Android or iOS device.
Pros and Cons of using virtual VISA card
Buy virtual master card with bitcoin as it has all the benefits provided by plastic cards while these cards are also accepted by retailers that accept VISA or Mastercard as payment methods. The one-time issuance fees are cheaper as compared to the fee charged for plastic cards.
However, virtual VISA cards also have their disadvantage that mainly arises from the nature of these cards. Since there is no physical card involved, it cannot be used to withdraw cash from ATMs or pay at local shops.

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