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Buy Virtual Visa Gift Card with Bitcoin
August 4, 2020

What is a Virtual Credit Card (VCC) / Virtual Visa Card?

In this era of electronic commerce, more and more people are clinging to the habit of online shopping and buying different services online, such as Netflix, HBO and subscriptions to other sites. These transactions usually require the credit card number of your bank account. No doubt, the banks guarantee top level encrypted transactions, but there is always the possibility of your card number falling into the wrong hands. That is where a Virtual Credit Card (VCC) comes into play.

The Virtues of VCC:

A virtual credit card is issued as a temporary credit card with a card number just like the commonly used plastic credit and debit cards, but owing to its temporary nature, it prevents your account from falling into malicious hands. When a VCC is used for online payments for services and goods, the vendor sees your payment paid from just like a conventional credit card, but does not have your actual card number. The Virtual visa card with Bitcoin is verified by VISA, which guarantees protection against identity and property thefts that haunt us during online purchases. Moreover, a Virtual Visa Gift Card having any desired amount of cash can be bought from our site, with a wide variety of payment options such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. These gift cards can be used anywhere on the internet for e commerce, just like a conventional credit or debit card.

Use your Cryptocurrency in an Instant Way:

Nowadays, cryptocurrency services like Bitcoin and Ethereum are becoming immensely popular not only as digital currency sites, but people have started considering them as an investment market. The largely predictable and stable nature of digital currency is becoming more and more alluring for the investors. Resultantly, people buy digital currencies in order to get huge sums of profits. But, the major problem with digital currencies such as Bitcoin is, these currencies are not yet recognized for online shopping and e commerce sites. One has to convert this digital currency into cash – the internationally recognized way of selling and buying things. But converting Bitcoin into cash can cost a considerable sum of money owing to fees and commissions. Moreover, it is a very time-consuming process, that involves frequent visits to banks and a lot of paper work.

In these circumstances, the best solution is to buy virtual visa cards through Bitcoin. Our service, also provides the advantage of buying VCCs through mined cryptocurrency. The virtual cards bought from are generated instantly through sophisticated architecture, and can be used for payments all over the world online. The payments made from bitcoin in order to buy VCC for different purposes is processed mostly within the same minute, thereby granting you an instant virtual credit card that you can use for anything ranging from buying online subscriptions to sites to buying goods and services for everyday use. As soon as you pay for your VCC bearing the desired amount of cash, the details and VCC are sent directly to your email almost instantly, ready for any cash related use.

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