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January 21, 2019

Buy VCC with bitcoin The internet has become a magical wish box; you can have anything you want through the IOT. However, it has posed a variety of threats and risks as well. Who doesn’t love online shopping? Well, we all do but what restrain most of us from shopping online is the fear of losing our information. Using your credit card for the sake of transactions online is full of risk and should be avoided as it may result in loss of data and credit card details to the third party.

But that doesn’t mean you should abstain from online shopping or payment forever. So, can we keep our credit cards save while shopping online? A simple answer is to use virtual credit cards.

What are Virtual Credit cards?

Are you aware of the term Virtual credit card? If not, then let us explain this to you. With the increasing cyber-crimes, it becomes imperative to come up with something to ease our payment difficulties. So ExpressCards come forward with its huge collection of VCC with a bitcoin buying option.

Benefits to buy VCC with bitcoin?

Cryptocurrency has given the option to secure the customers as much as it can. When you buy VCC with bitcoin, you are purchasing a virtual credit card instead of physical or a regular one. So all the risks and drawbacks that are associated with physical cards can be avoided. Some benefits that make VCC from ExpressCards unique and secure are

  • Convenient payment method:

Apart from point-of-sale payments, a VCC card makes you able to pay anywhere and everywhere. So, you can shop your heart out in the online cyberspace or can make payments to attain any software or even can pay for the items and then collect it from the physical location. When you buy VCC with bitcoin, you are buying freedom and security at the same time.

  • Low transaction fees:

Yes, one of the biggest perk you can enjoy when you buy VCC with bitcoin is that it charges the minimum possible transaction fee. On every transaction, you have to pay only $5 no matter what you purchase.

  • No damage or lost:

As compared to physical credit cards after you buy VCC with bitcoin you do not get the physical possession of the card instead you get an email with the activation and transaction details. So, you do not have to worry about damaging or losing your credit card.

Why ExpressCards?

When it comes to buying VCC with bitcoin, there is no best possible solution than to have it from ExpressCards.

ExpressCards offers the most secure and convenient method to get your hands on your VCC with bitcoin. All you have to do is to apply online and pay for the card, and you will get the card and transaction details in no time. With the endless possibilities of VCC with bitcoins, you can not only secure your transactions and credit card details, but you can also refill your VCC with bitcoin as many time as you want. Isn’t it amazing? Then what are you waiting for? Secure your online identity today and buy VCC with bitcoin from ExpressCards.

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