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January 21, 2019

One of the biggest issues with Bitcoin is that it has turned into more of an investment than an actual currency. Although the value of Bitcoin does make it a tempting investment, with values once reaching nearly $20,000, the initial purpose of this cryptocurrency was to provide more freedom to economies stuck in fiat currency valuation cycles.

There are several services available today where you can sell Bitcoin from your wallet, turning it into cash. To do this, however, you must first sell your Bitcoin through an exchange, pay commissions and fees, and then receive the currency you want in return.

You can then withdrawal cash directly from your wallet. Some services may allow you to transfer the cash into a traditional banking account.

This process takes time which you may not have. That’s why buying a virtual Visa card with Bitcoin is a better option.

Instead of dealing with the hassle of the centralized Bitcoin exchanges, you can conduct one simple transaction to receive the cash you need on a pre-loaded card.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Virtual Visa Card

When you purchase a virtual Visa card, you are not receiving an actual card in the mail, sent to your chosen address.

You then receive an email with your card information directly after purchase.

That allows you to speed up the process of the transaction because there is only one transaction to complete. If you use a central exchange for this process, then you’d be forced to sell your Bitcoin, then wait for your cash withdrawal or transfer to be completed.

Here are the other benefits of using a virtual Visa card to consider as well.

• It works the same as cash for online purchases. You can even shop online with many retailers, pay with a virtual Visa card, then pick-up your items for free at your local store. Except for actual point-of-sale transactions, a virtual card works in the exact same way as any other debit or credit card.
• It offers a guaranteed transaction fee. When you purchase a virtual Visa card with Bitcoin, you have a guaranteed $5 fee to pay. Nothing more, nothing less, whether you get $50 or $200. In December 2017, the average fee per transaction was more than $30.
• It gives you financial flexibility. If you need cash and you need it now, your Bitcoin can be leveraged to offer the financial security you need in the moment.

As long as the merchant accepts Visa for payment, you will be able to use your virtual Visa card for purchases. You’ll be able to complete a purchase at millions of businesses around the world.

Why Choose a Virtual Visa Card?

Does choosing a virtual Visa card make a difference for your financial wellbeing? Absolutely It is important to remember that Visa is a card network, authorized to process transactions on your behalf. Visa has one of the largest networks in the world, with more than 44 million merchants accepting cards at the end of 2016.

That means you can use your virtual Visa card, purchased with Bitcoin, in over 200 countries or territories around the world.

Visa is also a leader in information security when completing online transactions. Their process, called Verified by Visa, provides another layer of protection against identify theft. If you are making a purchase on a different computer or device, you may be asked to provide proof of identity before the transaction will be completed.

At the same time, you gain the benefits of using a virtual card as well. Unlike other Visa debit or credit cards, you are locked into a specific amount when you purchase one with Bitcoin. Even if someone were to get their hands on your unique 16-digit code, they would be limited to the amount on the card.

If someone gets your card number after you’ve completed the transaction, they would need to know the exact amount you paid and the time window for the purchase. Otherwise, the information they receive is rendered useless, giving you a higher level of payment security.

You can use mined Bitcoin to purchase a virtual Visa card.

If you need instant cash, then a virtual Visa card paid with Bitcoin is a secure solution for your financial needs. You will receive the reliability of Visa, the benefits of having virtual cash, and a guaranteed transaction fee.

Choose the amount of cash you want to have on the card. Then follow the simple checkout procedure. 

You’ll have the cash you need in no time at all.

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