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August 28, 2019

SalinPay is an online financial service that allows high-risk merchants (merchants whose business falls into the category of high risk) to opt for anonymous merchant accounts since high-risk merchant accounts are difficult to get due to many risks associated with it. 

SalinPay gives the users incentive to apply through the anonymous merchant account because it is comparatively easier to get, the probability of the application getting rejected is less in the anonymous merchant account than in the high-risk merchant account. In the high-risk merchant account, it is difficult to accept credit and debit card payments online, whereas in the anonymous merchant account, it is easier to accept credit or debit card payments online. 

HOW Does IT Function?

At SalinPay, a high-risk merchant is provided with anonymous merchant accounts. A user is likely to be classified as a high-risk merchant if their business falls into the following categories:

Dating and Escort Services, Online Gaming and Gambling, Adult Entertainment, Credit Repair and Debt Management, Domain Registration, Events and Tickets, Software Downloads, Prepaid Phone Cards, Tobacco and E-Cigs, Insurance, Money Transfer, Vehicle Sales and Car Parts, Tattoo Studios, Investment Schemes, Lender Merchant Account & Services, PPI Merchant Accounts & Services, Nutraceuticals, Travel and Tourism, Payday Loans, Online Auctions, Foreign Exchange (Forex) Merchant Account/Services, Health and Wellness Products, ISP and Hosting Services, Direct Sales and Pyramid Selling, Alcohol Products, Technical Support & Web Development, Jewellery, Watches & Accessories, Nightclubs and Bars, Cryptocurrency, Phone Locking Services. And more….

With SalinPay, anyone or any business can accept credit/debit card payments anonymously by catering clients from all countries.

Setting up an anonymous merchant account is quick as lightning, and there is no documentation required to be a part of this. It guarantees to be solely anonymous. The user only has to sign up via their online form and pay the setup fee. After paying the setup fee, the user’s anonymous merchant account will be successfully created and will be granted access to the account control panel of the SalinPay website within 24 hours.

The applicant will be provided with a unique link that will direct them to the secure payment page for their particular business so that the customers can proceed with their transactions via Debit/Credit cards online. Through this, the customer will be able to customize, edit the amount, currency and other details.

When the client makes a successful transaction through Credit or Debit card, then a transaction processing fee is also deducted from the amount and added to the Bitcoin wallet after 24 hours. For instance, when a client makes online payment of $100 through a Credit/Debit card on the unique payment page on SalinPay, then the anonymous account holder will be sent $96 via Bitcoin to their Bitcoin Wallet after 24 hours. 


SalinPay charges a 4% transaction processing fee with the fee being at least U.S $0.50 per transaction. The set up/registration fee is a one time and non-refundable fee of 175 USD. To be a part of this financial service, you do not need any reporting requirements, U.S clearing nor any other financial obligations and no tax on any funds the customer receives.  


This app claims to offer a full anonymous merchant account that is not available elsewhere. Considering the incentive, it allows the users to experience, this service seems to be very convenient and does not go into any unnecessary nitty-gritty that would spin the head of the customer. 

Unfortunately, the same daunting procedure is being followed in the high-risk merchant account, which certainly shows that stepping foot in this territory will lead you to nowhere, hence it is better to create an anonymous merchant account.

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