One NFT game has illuminated a future path despite market uncertainty with stunning visuals, an engaging narrative, and new cross-chain capabilities.

Angelic's cross-chain expansion offers new perspectives.
Angelic's cross-chain expansion offers new perspectives. 4

“The planet Earth is a tiny stage in a huge cosmic arena… Consider the rivers of blood shed by all those generals and emperors in order for them to win glory and victory and briefly rule over a tiny portion of a dot.

The aforementioned Carl Sagan quote has been used by Metaverse Studios to set the scene for Angelic, its blockbuster NFT-powered sci-fi role-playing game. As suggested by the Sagan quotation, the game is exquisitely made and challenges players to think outside the box when it comes to how they perceive space and time.

Many people in the NFT and crypto industries have had to change their attitudes as a result of the recent market turmoil. Anastasia Volgemut, the director of operations for Angelic, was kind enough to answer our questions about the market’s current unpredictability, how Angelic has changed, and what the future holds for the game and the industry as a whole.

What was the main driving force behind switching Angelic from solely Solana to cross-chain?

The idea that everyone should be able to have equal access and be able to enjoy all aspects of gameplay within our universe had an impact on my decision to expand Angelic to multi-chain. The fact that Ethereum is still one of the most widely used and well-liked blockchains to date, despite its astronomically high gas fees, gives Angelic the chance to engage with a larger gaming community, particularly guilds that provide support for players through community development and education.

Does it matter whether a game has one chain or many chains? What aspects of the change will players notice?

I always start my explanation of Angelic by saying, “We’re a game first and blockchain second,” or, to put it another way, “chain agnostic,” with no blockchain components readily apparent to the untrained eye. We want to make sure that traditional gamers can pay attention and enjoy gameplay to the same degree as our web3 community. To accomplish this, Angelic will automatically store all of our players’ in-game NFTs in a unique back-end wallet, which they can access whenever they want to discover and discover more about what web3 has to offer.

Angelic's cross-chain expansion offers new perspectives.
Angelic's cross-chain expansion offers new perspectives. 5

How has the news been received in your neighborhood?

Especially when significant changes to our roadmap are being made, we frequently communicate with our community. And as a result, the general response from the community was favorable, particularly after we announced our choice to collaborate with ImmutableX, a top Layer 2 scaling solution for NFTs on Ethereum that is game-oriented. Finding a partner who could not only create an ecosystem for Angelic but also for our players—who will now benefit from gas-free minting and quick, secure solutions designed for traditional players—was important to me.

You spoke out vehemently against Magic Eden’s choice to make royalties on its platform optional. Why do you think this action creates a negative precedent for the sector?

In this field, there are many individuals and little projects that put weeks or even months into producing amazing art in the hopes that it will be acknowledged and appreciated. Owning one’s creations and the rights to them is another essential value that gave rise to the concept of a decentralized network, not to mention the fact that the majority of authors depend on royalties to make a living.

I believe that in order to show communities their support and support the ecosystem during this bear market, marketplaces should first drop their fees entirely before turning to robbing producers of their autonomy.

Has Angelic been impacted by the recent market unrest?

It’s difficult to create a game. We’ve probably all felt similar emotions and gone through similar uncertainty over the past few weeks. After all, we’re developing a Triple-A narrative, strategy RPG backed by blockchain in a bear market while watching the second-largest exchange in the world collapse in front of our very eyes.

The full impact of this is still unknown for Angelic and other gaming endeavors. After carefully examining our values and objectives, it became clear that the only logical course of action was to continue developing and meeting our milestones as effectively as we can. After all, I have consistently argued that even if blockchain were to disappear tomorrow, Angelic would still be a high-caliber game.

Angelic's cross-chain expansion offers new perspectives.
Angelic's cross-chain expansion offers new perspectives. 6

What is next on Angelic’s roadmap and how supportive has the ecosystem been over the past few months?

The general attitude I have been noticing over the last few weeks, both from the community and our partners alike, is that “you’re only as strong as your weakest link.” Not what occurs when everything is going well, but how we react to one another when things are going poorly, in my opinion, is what defines an ecosystem that is effective and supportive. Angelic is pleased to be associated with like-minded partners, especially some of our lead investors and closest advisors, who support one another and offer to assist in any way they can.

The events of the past few weeks were unprecedented; great people, initiatives, and businesses suffered significant losses. It would be unfortunate to let blockchain and all the advancements in Web3 up to this point be defined by the actions of a single person. In terms of the future, Angelic will carry on developing in order to fulfill our mission of providing gamers on both traditional and web-3 platforms with amazing gaming experiences. Watch for the opening of Angelic Arena in the Q1of 2023!

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