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May 7, 2019

Making use of a virtual visa card is easy, fun and secure. You can even buy a virtual visa card with bitcoin. Can it get comfier? I don’t think so. So this post is a list of all you need to know about using a virtual visa credit card.

  • Your informationis well protected from the prying eyes of fraudsters: if peradventure they canget hold of your virtual credit cards, it doesn’t compromise your real account.
  • Virtual visacredit cards are designed only for online and phone purchases I.e it cannot beused to make physical payments.
  • The virtualcards have entirely different details from your real account; account number,security code and expiry date are all different.
  • The featuresvary: The features on each virtual cards vary from different card issuers. Notwo card issuers have the same features.
  • Some aresingle-use only: some cards have been designed to be a one-off card. Once theyare used once, they automatically get deleted.
  • Maybemerchant-specific: A particular card number may b customized to for a specificmerchant or website.
  • Might havespending limits: You are allowed to set a spending limit on a virtual creditcard, so ad to watch your spending.
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